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Cancer Insure - Flexible Cancer Cover

Eligibility: No prior cancer history & no prior cancer diagnosis

We offer straightforward cancer insurance to individuals who value safety and seek peace of mind during the uncertain time of a cancer diagnosis. Our goal is to provide efficient support and financial security for those affected by cancer.

Get covered:

Sign up and choose your payout amount with Cancer Insure.

Get Diagnosed:

If you find out that you are diagnosed with any cancer at any stage you can submit a claim.

Get Paid Out:

On Successful Claim, Cancer Insure will pay out your sum assured as a lump sum into your bank account.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Coverage: Comprehensive coverage for ALL types of cancer.
  2. Benefit Amount: Flexible options to choose coverage ranging from R100,000.00 to R2,000,000.00.
  3. Simple Application: No need for medical underwriting or exams; eligibility is determined by answering six qualifying questions.
  4. Eligibility: Open to individuals aged 18 to 55 with no prior cancer history and no cancer diagnosis in immediate family members before the age of 60.
  5. Financial Protection & Pay-out: Upon cancer diagnosis (stage 1-4) and valid claim acceptance, receive 100% of the chosen benefit amount. Use the payout for medical expenses, treatment costs, and unforeseen recovery-related expenses.
  6. Child Cancer Benefit: If your dependent child (ages 0-18) is diagnosed with cancer (stage 1-4), you receive 10% of your benefit amount to support their care.
  7. Waiting Periods: A 6-month waiting period from the policy’s start before the coverage becomes active.
  8. Premium Increase: Premiums will increase by 6% annually on the policy anniversary.
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